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Why We Need More Women In STEM

Statistically, women hold only 24% of STEM jobs in the US. Surely, there is potential for this number to be higher.

More women in STEM will lead to more equality. One major reason as to why there are not many females in STEM related careers is that the process for STEM undergraduates is generally geared towards men. To combat this, women must secure jobs in the STEM field. Data shows that males with STEM degrees are highly likely to pursue a STEM career. Conversely, some females with STEM related degrees end up pursuing a career in a non-STEM related field. This gap should not be as big as it is. Also, there is a certain level of prestige associated with a career in STEM. Even with this, some women say they are still discouraged to pursue a STEM career. For women to have the interest and prestige to the same degree as their male counterparts do, women must have the same opportunities men have.

Another clear reason as to why we need more women in STEM is that there is currently a lack in highly talented STEM workers. To find more talented STEM individuals, we cannot exclude half the population. Women can fill these spots and help the world with their works. For society’s advancement, we need any and all talented individuals to come up with great innovations. There is no reason for a gender difference in STEM innovation.

More women in STEM fields can also help with proper drug development. In the past, women have been given the wrong medical drug dosages for heart problems. This lead to many fatalities. The drug dosages were incorrect because they had only been tested on males. The dosages for males are not the same as those for females. In the past, scientists' thinking was that females are virtually built the same as males, so the drug dosages will be the same. Now, this has changed. Antihistamines, antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and antipsychotics have different dosages for men and women. Even just a few years ago, the Food and Drug Administration reduced recommended doses of Ambien for women by half. With more women in STEM, problems similar to this one can be prevented.

BY: Nami Mahajan


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