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Java Coding Language: While Loops

Hi STEMinists!

This post includes notes on what while loops are in the Java coding language. As part of our coding series, these resources go along with the information given to our computer science tutees. For current tutoring students, the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" homework problem answers are included below for you to review. If you are using these posts to teach yourself: 1) You're amazing! 2) The problem can be a great way for you to test what you have learned so far :) Click to enlarge!

QUICK NOTE FROM THE FORUM: We hope everyone's school years are off to a good start! Normally, our writers upload at least one blog post per week, and we recognize that we have slowed our pace over the last few weeks. Our writers have been focusing on pandemic related educational relief efforts in their respective hometowns and have been helping with fundraising for more STEM kits to send to the US-Mexico Border. Through increasing our total number of tutoring students to 13 and fundraising to assemble and deliver 350+ more kits, Project STEMinist has directed its attention towards enacting in-person change during these challenging times. In light of our expansion in these other programs, our blog posting schedule is changing temporary until our round of fundraising is completed on January 1st. Until the new year, our blog page will act as a resource page for our tutoring students and will provide readers with fun articles. We encourage curious students to look through our old blogs and interviews for more reading material! We hope you understand our decision and continue supporting and reading our works.

BY: Kenedy Quandt and Leeza Nadeem

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