Picking Up Trash




Founder and President

Hello! My name is Kenedy Quandt, and I am seventeen years old. I am in the class of 2022 and attend Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles, California. Ever since early childhood, I have had a passion for discovering new things and learning. I love to try new sports, learn new subjects, and travel! When I was young, my best friend had cystic fibrosis and suffered from severe symptoms. As a result, I found myself learning from her and looking to medical research to feed my curiosity about how I could help her. From this research, I wrote my first paper about cystic fibrosis to present to my class in third grade. Ever since, science and analytical writing have been my favorite subjects. Even though I loved these subjects, it was extremely hard for me to find like-minded girls to relate to and role models to look up to. I created this initiative to inspire young girls like me and unite capable women who want to enter male dominated fields of study. 

My Favorites

Favorite color: Magenta

Favorite subjects: Chemistry, Math, and Biology

Favorite Female Historical Figure: Rosalind Franklin

Favorite destination: Florence, Italy

Favorite book: Brief Answers to Big Questions by Stephen Hawking

Favorite television show: Gilmore Girls

Favorite meal: Lasagna

Favorite outdoor activities: Hiking and Swimming

Favorite movies: Bohemian Rhapsody and Parasite